Jobs Mela and Training

Jobs Mela
APSSDC “Jobs Mela” intervention is to create direct platform for job seekers and Potential Employers. The unemployed / experienced youth in the state is utilizing the opportunity to get employed in the sectors of Manufacturing, Service & Trade related enterprises. APSSDC Job melas also mobilizing skilled / semi skilled manpower to meet different kinds HR requirements of SEZs in the state. APSSDC is organizing the Job Mela Events in all Assembly Constituencies of the State for better reach. Some of the special features of the APSSDC job melas include a) Candidate prior registration online in the portal with the Participating companies c) Pre-Job Mela trainings for Candidate Capacity Building.

Campus Recruitment Trainigs /Employability Skills Centre
APSSDC is galvanizing talent in UG studying students across the state and linking them with opportunities in best employing companies / sectors in the county. With encouraging results from Campus Recruitment Trainings (CRTs) initiatives across the state, APSSDC now taking number of steps to institutionalize in-campus trainings through establishing around 300 Employability Skills Centres (ESC), where e-learning facilitates students to get train in the demand oriented skills like Problem Solving, Language & Communication skills, General Aptitude and Domain skills like SAP, TALLY, JAVA, ANDROID apps etc to get them ready for employed. APSSDC employs state art tools like Online & offline (direct) training methods to equip skills and knowledge in making UG student get ready with required skills for public sector exams and corporate sectors’ jobs through campus drives.

More About Jobs Mela and Training

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