Training Plan

Entry Level - Training:

  • Target Group- School & college drop outs in the age group of 18 -28
  • A 3 tier and 2 modes (geographic & specialized industry type) training centre model proposed as follows:
  • Mandal Level – one centre each at Mandal HQ in all districts
  • District Level – one centre each in District HQ
  • Regional Hubs – Apart from the district level centres, some of the cities will have regional centres also specialized in specific streams.
  • Thus the plan is to have tier level centres (Mandal to District to Capital), there would also be some specialized centres pertaining to a particular industry in some of the districts

Mandal Level:

  • Non-residential
  • May use an existing ITI/Polytechnic or a rented building
  • 3-4 courses of 60-90 days duration each with a batch size of 25. Thus training about 500 candidates in a year.
  • Employment break-up envisaged:

District level:

  • Residential centres - Existing separate govt buildings can be used, if not available new ones to be constructed with dormitories, classrooms, workshops, kitchen, mess, library, etc.
  • 6-8 courses of 60-90 duration each with a batch size of 25. Thus training about 800-1000 candidates in a year.
  • Employment break-up envisaged

Regional Hubs:

  • Regional centres to be more on specific thematic industrial trade/SEZ requirements/ high-end skills
  • Residential centres for trainees as well as trainer training centres
  • Would mostly be specific to one or two allied industrial sectors.
  • Would be industry or industry association partnered. Around 6-8 hubs proposed.
  • Will have state-of-the-art fully digitally enabled train-the-trainer academy.
  • Will train around 200 Master Trainers annually in month long programmes.
  • Train around 800-1000 trainees in specific trade at the upper end of the spectrum.

Indian Vocational Education

The Indian national policy on skill development aims to train 500 million people in vocational skills by 2022 through various ministries and national bodies

Education System In India

This stage is the beginning of vocational training, where they opt for taking admission in various trades of ITI’s.